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Local events

Walkscape – Torrente Parma

Between the 13th and the 17th of June 2022, the Italian partner Laboratorio Urbano di Prossimità (LUP) organized and delivered an intense week of workshops for the project Walkscapes: Urban Regeneration through Education.

The workshops proposed saw the participants try their hand at a wide variety of activities, from urban and naturalistic exploration to real experimentation of tactical urbanism, during which they assembled a modular bench with two football goals.

In addition to this, two open conferences with important guests were also proposed. The first conference was chaired by prof. Francesco Careri, author of “Walkscape: Walking as an aesthetic practice”. He shared his experience with Stalker, a collective of architects and researchers connected to the Roma Tre University which has developed a specific methodology of urban research, using participative tools to construct a “collective imaginary” for a place. By sharing his experience, prof. Careri opened a fruitful dialogue with the participants on how to update and replicate these experiences in the context of Parma and beyond. 

The second conference consisted of a photography masterclass directed by the young and talented photographer and artist Jacopo Valentini, winner of numerous prestigious awards. In his lecture, Jacopo addressed the theme of the photographic image in relation to urban and non-urban environments and how it is possible to draw new concepts of space from it.  


Day 1. Urban Exploration of the Parma River

Itinerary curated by the Laboratorio Urbano di Prossimità – APS, with the architect Gabriele Nicoli

Day 2. Walkscapes – Walking as an aesthetic practice

Seminar of prof. Francesco Careri, Università di Roma Tre.

Day 3. Glocal tools: from radical architecture to incremental urbanism.

Tactical Urbanism and Self-construction Workshop

Curated by Francesco Caneschi, PhD of the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.

Day 4. Urban Exploration & Biowatching

Itinerary curated by Franca Zanichelli and Francesco Mezzatesta, naturalists.

Day 5. Photography Masterclass with Jacopo Valentini



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