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Training events


Venue: Parma, IT

Leading organization: Laboratorio Urbano di Prossimità (LUP)

Period: 5th – 10th October 2022

This event will consist in a 5 days training, allowing partners to share experiences, lessons learned so far and to plan the activities that will follow, especially the actual “Walkscapes” that are at the core of the project. During this event, partners will meet in Parma (IT) to:

  1. analyse the results achieved after the completion of the previous project activities;
  2. train 6 members of the partnership (3 from eMundus and 3 from LUP) on the methodology
  3. perform a Walkscape trial involving both partners and associated partners.

The Walkscape trial will aim to (i) test Walkscaping methodology internally, in order to optimize it before involving the target groups, (ii) to present the social, environmental, economic and urban issues affecting the city of Parma and compare them with the ones of Kaunas.


Venue: Kaunas, LT

Leading organization: Public Instiution “eMundus”

Period: Winter/Spring 2023 

This event will take place after completion of the main Walkscapes planned, as partners and participants from both Parma and Kaunas will have obtained enough experience practicing with Walkscaping. The goal of this activity is to involve the trained Lithuanian youth in the organization of a Walkscape for their Italian counterparts. This will be for the Lithuanian participants the perfect opportunity to adopt in first person the methodology and to do so for a group of peers coming from a different European context. Public Institution “eMundus” will supervise the whole activity, helping also in the organization of training sessions and discussion groups for all participants. The whole exchange will last 5 days. The Italian partner, Laboratorio Urbano di Prossimità (LUP) will send 4 Italian participants to take part in this activity.

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